Weekend Linkages: Not Enough Trains

A mini Red Car at L.A. Train fest

Plant-based meat once seemed unstoppable. What went wrong?

Can We Make Bicycles Sustainable Again?

Pruitt-Igoe residents exposed to government testing seek compensation. ‘What about us?’

‘Rat tours’ boom in rodent-infested New York

Building Myself a Reading Tracker App with Airtable and Deno Fresh, Part 1

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  1. I think the plant-based meat article was good but it missed a few points.

    #1 – I think there’s an overlap between health-consciousness and social-/ environmental consciousness, so people who would want a plant burger also *wouldn’t* want to patronize any of the fast food chains that offered them because of the association with poverty wages, animal cruelty, etc. The independent fake-meat burger restaurant in my neighborhood is always busy.

    #2a – I eat meat and I’ve had some of these fake-meat burgers, and they’ve always been in an “uncanny valley” of replica meat. The taste was fine but the texture was off, or vice versa. Just enough out of place for the recognition part of my brain to say, “Hey, something is wrong about this.” I’d rather have a meat burger or a veggie-based burger.

    #2b – On the other side of that coin, several of the vegetarians and vegans I know are disgusted by the idea of eating meat, so of course they wouldn’t want replica “bloody” burgers, they want veggie “burgers” that won’t crumble to bits when thrown on the grill at a backyard bbq so they aren’t left out of the meal.

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