Weekend Linkages: Umarells and Oki Dogs

A friend left a bag of ratchet straps and one of the cats has been sitting in it for a week

I think being an Umarell is in my future (thank you to John Zapf for this mind blowing Wikipedia article)

A 2-way wrist radio

At SXSW, A Pathetic Tech Future Struggles to Be Born

“We’ll see you all at Oki-Dogs”: The story of L.A.’s legendary punk hangout (with hot dogs)

Down on Alvarado Street by the Pioneer Chicken Stand

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  1. My late–and wonderful cat–who only lived to be 11 years old–had a fixation with briefcases, tote bags, and other similar items. It didn’t matter if the items were mine or a visitor’s. He would crawl inside, as far inside as he could manage. Evicting him was very difficult:)

  2. Welcome in the club of umarells.
    Same days ago i was in front of a new house construction site in Ravenna near Bologna Italy, where I live. The workers were going to build a new fence but their boss stopped them in order to allow us ( the umarells) to see the site.
    I’m not retired but I wish to…

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