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    • I have a real problem coming up with titles so tend to just pull something from whatever I’ve been reading, in this case a book by Stuart Jeffries, Evertything All the Time Everywhere: How We Became Postmodern. If there is a connection between the title and the links it’s that our postmodern condition, which seems crazier than it ever has been in my life, rests on unstable epistemological turtles.

    • Yeah! That was a GOOD one. People really are up to some wild stuff in their freetime! Now I want to go to the Forestiere Underground Gardens next time we head out thatta way.

    • Forestiere Underground Gardens is one of the most amazing places in California. Would be worth coming here just to see it.

  1. It’s an excellent song by Sturgill Simpson! From his album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music

  2. Yikes. That Target article. Yikes. It also is particularly striking because I knew so many people who chose Target over Wal-Mart because it was supposedly a “less-evil” corporation. Yikes.

    I really enjoyed the be-less-available article. From 2010-2018 we didn’t have a cellphone, just a landline. It was amazing the difference in expectation when we finally got one. It was eye-opening. To this day I have a well-established policy of never checking my work email when I’m not working. If I am on vacation or whatever…it can wait. I know that’s not the case for my colleagues though. I don’t know why they do it! I guess this article fills in some of the why they might be justifying.

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