Weekend Linkages: The Birds Have Eyes

Spotted in East Hollywood: security cameras in a bird house.

Antique Pattern Library

Make a Spin Dryer From a Discarded Washing Machine Drum, an Abandoned Bicycle and a Pallet

Synergizing the Beauty of Mathematics and Art

A giant pumpkin timelapse

Benibeca, Menorca is one fine looking town

Census: No great migration occurred during COVID-19 pandemic

The truth about bitocoin

Dear Joe: The Electric Hummer is Not the Future

Why Sharrows Are Bullshit

The a podcast about the downfall of LA city coucilman Jose Huizar

Archbishop lets down flock

The internet is magic sometimes

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  1. Thanks for posting the Antique Pattern Library. I found a pattern there that I am anxious to try.

  2. The internet IS magic sometimes. Ha! That was a good one. Pretty much the opposite of that Catholic article. So, all things in good balance. That’s my goal.

    I studied environmental science and philosophy in college. I feel like I’ve been on repeat since then, and this electric hummer is a great example–we are not going to successfully have a more sustainable country without changing our lifestyles of consumptive ease. We can’t just technologize our way out of the problems that, in most cases, were started or exacerbated by our technological “advances.” An electric hummer is so far from the solution, I just have to laugh. And cry.

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