Weekend Linkages: Pyramids, Strange Houses and F-ing Gourds

Orange free peaches, painted by Elsie E. Lower, 1910. Via @pomological.

A stepped pyramid in the desert

Where did SARS-CoV-2 come from?

People are still taking that horse medication

That time someone tried to set up a Vietnam war theme park (a podcast)

Strangest Zillow listing ever

The Diapers.com Guy Wants to Build a Utopian Megalopolis

F-ing gourd season

Can We Live Without Twitter?

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  1. I am in full agreement in not throwing pesticides at bees.
    I bought 6 langstroth frames from a nice guy in Ravenshead Nottinghamshire
    in July this year. The bee colony seem to have doubled when I inspected them last night and my wife operated the icing sugar very fine sieve. I could not see anything next morning that resembled a Varroa, for the life of me so I was happy about that but I was sorry I subjected the bees to the ‘dust bath’. I see chickens love a dust bath but feel bees do not?
    They seemed to be a bit miffed off by the treatment which may have been totally unnecessary.
    I’m an engineer and so need to know all there is to know how to keep these bees healthy to the very best of my ability and to do all I can to help them achieve a strong colony with as many bees as that Queen can produce before winter sets in. I saw a worker emerging last night which I thought looked hopeful for the future.
    I could do with a couple of years experience as yet because I am still at a loss regards what I am looking at!
    The more I look the more I am in awe of these little miracles.

  2. Ivermectin is an fda approved drug for human use. No animals died during trials, (check into animal deaths for moderne and Pfizer). Hydroxychloriquine is one of only a handful of drugs approved for pregnant women. Don’t spread theatrics. I get it — orange man bad — but do t throw science out the door.

    • I’m genuinely puzzled as to how the vaccine got politicized and why people are going to feed stores to buy a medication that’s for parasites not for viruses. Ivermectin is used for treating parasites in people but using it for Covid is off-label and unproven. Meanwhile we have vaccines that have gone trough large trials (I was in the Pfizer trial myself) and has been proven to reduce infections and keep people out of the hospital. I don’t have an obsession with Orange Man but I’ll point out that he took the vaccine.

  3. Michael, I’m using screened bottom board and no foundation. Just use a paint stick inserted and glued into top of frame for guidance. This keeps the cell size smaller which is a deference for varroa. Also, any varroa finding drone cells will be groomed off and fall through the screen.
    Good luck. buzzzzzzzzz

  4. I agree completely. Why are people going to feed stores for a drug that has Fda approval? do you wonder why an fda approved drug has been so vilified? And thank you for taking these comments. Dialog is a good thing.

  5. OMG—that Zillow listing. I can only imagine getting up in the night and falling over all those statues and other clutter. Wow!
    Is this actually some sort of movie set?

  6. Thank you, Erik, for the background information on the house. I have sent the link to a friend–a former architecture major.

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