Saturday Linkages: Strange Times

IMHO, the nicest apartment building at 933 Parkman in Silver Lake.

Breast Cancer Patient Attacked by Violent Anti-Mask Protest Outside Clinic

Anti-vaccine groups changing into ‘dance parties’ on Facebook to avoid detection

Taking place in our neighborhood: spa wars

Also our neighborhood: Is Erewhon’s Arrival in Silver Lake the Final Nail in the Gentrifying Neighborhood’s Coffin?

Loved the 80s? You’ll love this house

How to use your Apple AirPods Pro as hearing aids (via GardenFork)

On damsels and influencers

World’s worst tiny house

A fungi film fest

How the CIA Helped Shape the Creative Writing Scene in America

Introducing friend of the blog Doug Harvey’s Less Art: Reviews and Commentaries of Movies, TV, Books, Music, Radio, and Art

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  1. When I clicked on the photo of the apartment building, I was taken instead to the story about the breast cancer patient (also an important story), but how about more about the apartment building?

    • Sorry about that Cindy! I need a new computer! The apartment is at 933 Parkman just south of Sunset. I’ve done some Googling about it and can’t find anything other than people noting its eccentric Moorish style. It looks well cared for. We used to live in a similar court apartment in San Diego–scroll down this page for some pictures of that place and the highly eccentric 1920s Egyptian style buildings on the block:

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