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  1. That is such an intriguing photo. Please tell us where it was taken (Los Angeles?) and what it shows.

    • That’s a few blocks over–picture taken during a dog walk. We have lots of palm trees!

  2. Looks like you live around the corner from me in Glendale 🙂

    I found your website as I was looking for insights into the practicality of hugelkultur in drylands such as our own. in 2014 you had a post wondering about it. Did you find any answers?

    • Hey Robyn, Funny you should ask about this. We’re doing an experiment right now and we have two friends also doing hugels. The thing is I’d love to see a field trial comparing a hugel to a control so I’m still not sure if it really works. Anecdotally, the folks I know who have tried it have reported success.

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