Natural Beekeeping Conference this Saturday and Sunday

This weekend, January 18th and 19th I’ll be a part of Honey Love’s Natural Beekeeping Conference at USC. In honor of the memory of Susan Rudnicki, I’m going to discuss bee removal scams, corruption in bee academia and pesticide astroturfing campaigns among other incendiary topics that Susan tirelessly pursued for the sake of the bees she loved so much. I’m humbled to be a part of a roster that includes all of the knowledgeable voices in the natural beekeeping world:

• Michael Bush • Les Crowder • Dr. May Berenbaum • Sam Comfort • Michael Thiele • Laura Bee Ferguson • Rob Keller • Sarah Red-Laird •  Solomon Parker • Jacqueline Freeman • Noah Wilson Rich • Matt Reed • Amanda Shaw • Paul Cronshaw  • Ariella Daly • Anna Marie Despiris • Fonta Molyneaux • Erik Knutzen • Max Wong • Rob and Chelsea McFarland

If you’re interested in bees this conference is not to be missed. For more information head over to Honey Love.

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  1. Wow, wish I could attend. Just got a hive last year and it seems to be a weak on. Still alive though and hopefully I will be able to make a split this spring. I have. It treated the bees at all. Read Michael Bush and have decided to go all natural. I have a wooden stand (table-so bottom is solid surface) and so swapped out the bottom board for a screened one to hopefully help with any varroa. Do you treat your hives?

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