Saturday Linkages: First as Tragedy, Then as LARP

From lockdowns to pool parties: how Covid rules vary around the world

As Kate Wagner of MacMansion Hell put it, “None of you are ready for this real estate listing.”

You have until 6:30 p.m. today EST to view Der Fliegende Holländer, the last Met opera filmed before the pandemic

Car Lanes to Become Bike Lanes on 2 Major New York City Bridges

Those Mysterious Dark Helicopters Were Landing On Multiple Downtown LA Rooftops Last Night

The Strangest Operating Systems Ever Released

Facebook is bombarding rightwing users with ads for combat gear. See for yourself

Wende Museum virtual tour

Neom – The Line to Oblivion

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    • Hey Pen, I don’t but a few years ago I ran into someone on a train trip down to San Diego who collected wooden puzzles just like that one. She was on her way to a convention and showed me the work of a local woodworker. Unfortunately I didn’t get a name.

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