Saturday Linkages: Squirrels, Dry Winter, Workbenches

I Twitter thread on what it’s like to work on Black Friday in the U.S.

Very dry weather across California through mid-December

Make Christmas Ornaments With Toilet Paper Rolls

A disaster water filter kit

Free e-book on building your own workbench

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  1. Working retail on Black Friday while going to school was my absolute best incentive to get my degree and a job that didn’t require working on Black Friday!

  2. Squirrels are amazing animals. Some years ago, we had a grey squirrel’s drey about 40 feet up in a maple tree near us. One day, I found a tiny infant squirrel on the ground, obviously having fallen out of the drey. Although its eyes were open, it was too young to walk and just scrabbled around on the ground. I picked it up carefully and put it on the tree trunk. It immediately grabbed hold of the trunk then shot up the tree and back into the drey. Squirrels seem to be able to climb before they can walk!

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