Saturday Linkages: Quarantine Movie Suggestions

Rather than the normal links this morning I thought I’d post a few quarantine movie suggestions from Connor Kilpatrick’s movie list in the most recent issue of the Jacobin (behind a paywall but worth the price of admission). We’ve been making our way through Kilpatrick’s golden-age of Hollywood sub-list. So far we’ve watched:

Scarface (the 1932 version)
The Big Sleep (Don’t worry about the plot it makes no sense at all–just enjoy the scenery)
His Girl Friday (You can watch this one for free on the YouTubes)
The Sea Wolf (This one is kinda like a relentless, brutal film noir at sea and, remember, the sea is dope)
I Walked With a Zombie (Way better than you’d think given the lurid title)
Out of the Past (One of the best movies ever made)

Happy viewing.

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  1. Thanks for the movie list. Enjoyed watching I Walked With a Zombie last night. I’ve seen it before (probably on Svengoolie), but not recently and had forgotten the title. The Big Sleep (you’re so right about the plot)and Out of the Past are two favorites, and we’ll be watching them again soon.

  2. I highly recommend these two movies–so bad that they are good:

    “The Twonky” with Hans Conried (1953). If you ever feel as though technology is out to get you–this is the movie for you–about a evil television.

    “Murder He Says” with Fred MacMurray (1945). “…about a murderous rural family and the hapless pollster who becomes entangled in their hunt for a cache of money.” The cast also includes Marjorie Main (Ma Kettle).

  3. These all look like bad/good stories!
    How about Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) and The Lady Killers (1955), with Alec Guinenss? In Kind Hearts and Coronets he takes 9 roles, all to be bumped off by Denis Price. With an unexpected twist at the end.
    And in The Lady Killers, he and his gang….I won’t give it away.

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