Saturday Linkages: Gaslighting the Quarantine Cats

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Writer Lane Moore condensed my mood in a Tweet,

is anyone else feeling gaslit all the time lately? I’m wearing my mask everywhere I go, I don’t touch it, I don’t pull it down, I go out once every few weeks for supplies only. and then I see folks not wearing masks at all, throwing big house parties, and it makes me feel insane . . .

Pretty much every second during this pandemic I feel like I’m the only one who heard scientists tell us what we needed to do and thought “This sucks, but I’ll do it.” and everyone around me is like “haha you believed that? We’re on vacay But uh people are actually dying so wtf

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Lastly, some comic relief

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  1. Thank you for sharing Lane Moore’s tweet. That’s exactly how I’m feeling. Fortunately the Sprouts Market where I shop everyone wears a mask correctly. It’s why I stopped going anywhere else. And Nextdoor depends on where you live. My neighborhood in San Diego has more Trump supporters than I would have guessed. I keep my mouth shut for safety reasons.

  2. Gaslit is right. My quasi-MIL has now been in the hospital in Mexico City with covid for the last eight days after nearly dying on the way to the hospital. Oxygen saturation level of 42%, which is not exactly compatible with life.

    This is like being in middle school with a substitute teacher. It’s the same twenty four kids fucking around while eight kids try to do block out the chaos and do the assignment. Same shit, different decade.

    There’s a certain parallel to being a smart investor. Ignore the sexy options. Ignore everyone else, ignore the media, head down, stay the course. This is simply an investment in ourselves.

  3. Oh my gosh…Kyle’s comment made the two generations in my house laugh…it IS like middle school crap in another decade of our lives! I SO feel like your cats in the photo. I’m looking out at everyone resuming their old normal lives – family vacations, eating out packed together in the local brewpub, sports practices – and I’m thinking, “So have ya’ll just received the vaccine, am I missing something?” Luckily my family is here to remind me that I’m not losing my mind.

  4. I make an effort to be careful. Still haven’t had a haircut since March. I look awful but “essential” means essential to me. I go grocery shopping once or twice a week. Always wearing a mask. Taking my purchases out of the store with the same grocery cart I used inside to pack the goods in my reusable bags.

    I carry disinfecting wipes in a tightly sealed silicone bag so I can get a few uses from them. Wipe my own cart handles. Wipe my phone and everything in the car down again when I re-enter it.

    My car is due for service. I’m going to decline a loaner because I just don’t want the vulnerability of a vehicle I don’t know anything about.

    OTOH, I’ve seen people. A friend who was in Europe for almost a year before she was evacuated on the eve of borders closing. …after she and her husband were quarantined for 2 weeks, that is. My daughter who’s an ICU nurse in the trenches at County General stops by. We all mask up but after about 6 months of SERIOUS exposure (they are thinking they were treating Covid patients without being aware as early as Dec), she’s still healthy. Just worried that she’ll get laid off since the hospital is broke at this point. And my book club met in person for the first time a couple weeks ago. Seven ladies outside sitting 6′ apart. It was delicious to be with people!

    We’ve got to be vigilant and smart but we’ve also got to find ways to “normalize” life because this isn’t going away any time soon.

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