Saturday Linkages: A Difficult Week

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  1. I watched all day yesterday several protests in the L.A. area (on TV. I can tell you that around noon the protesters were of all ethnicities (even gender predispositions). At some point, let’s say around 3pm, anarchist/belligerents come to fore— this is where MLK jr.’s “riot is the language of the unheard” quote comes in.

    Protest is towards or about what happened in Minneapolis; riot is more generalized pissed-off’ness at the world, I would’ve liked to see someone with a pro-MMT sign.

    Then at around 6pm, wholesale looting starts, MLK jr. didn’t say anything about looting, so TV anchors couldn’t say a cute pithy quote about that. Destruction of gov’t property and cop cars and police structures, i lump with riot; once looting starts that happens simply because cops aren’t around to stop it , overwhelmed.

    Where protestors were from all walks of life; rioters were generally young, i saw a bunch of Portland-Seattle types, white and Asians with black hoodies and back packs;

    looters, were generally blacks and Hispanics, favourite stores to loot were computer/phone stores, shoes and vaping stores. They looted a Whole Foods at Fairfax, Joe if you remember K-mart use to be here (across from the Farmer’s Market), but they i think were just thirsty or hungry, I didn’t see them cart off meats or other groceries.

    Politicians are beside themselves, tripping all over themselves, offering up apologies and “siding” with protestors. Instead of trying to explain exactly what happened. Sure law suit usually means not being able to comment, but comment on the videos available in public then.

    What I saw from that 9 minute footage is a simple take down of a suspect. The aberration is in the duration. So i’d like to know what exactly the suspect was arrested for, ie. did the style of arrest fit his crime?

    I read forgery then counterfeit, well counterfeit (of a $20 bill) is pretty easy to get out of, Officer, I didn’t know that was a fake, it was in my wallet i dunno when I got it and I used thinking it was a twenty. Both are non-violent crimes.

    So maybe George Floyd was arrested for something else, maybe outstanding warrant.

    Let’s say the arrest was legit,

    Floyd resisted (not combative, fighting attempting to hurt the cops) but simply didn’t wanna get into the police car,

    there were already 4 cops at the scene, all they had to do was carry him inside the car. But instead they (or 3, with 1 as look out) the police officers, decided to just sit on him, one ‘s knee was on Floyd’s neck, but I think it was the officer whose weight was on Floyd’s back (the Arab looking cop) that eventually killed Floyd, then a third was controlling Floyd’s legs, the other white cop.

    Asian cop was protecting, the arresting process.

    But why or what the officers were waiting for (the ambulance?) is still a mystery and I think the MPD chief should’ve explained this part… ie., was it policy to have to wait for the ambulance, because you can divert the ambulance and just meet it either at the precinct or jail.

    The knee on the neck, the most dramatic part of all this, and a great metaphor for how everyone feels in general (which I think is why this got so much traction, also COVID19 stress), I don’t think contributed to the death at all. Coroner’s report show no evidence of strangulation and/or asphyxiation , so it had to have been the cop on his back.

    Now for sure closing off both carotid arteries to the brain, will knock you out, but if you notice the carotids weren’t really closed off (ie. sleeper hold).

    With all that said, without the 3 cops sitting on him , Floyd would’ve still be alive. So i’d like to know for sure what he was arrested for, and why the cops took 9 minutes of their day, on the street, hunched over for folks to just drive by and take pot shots at them, why they thought tactically speaking why hunching over like that for 9 minutes was wise.

    Now the kicker, if the knee on the neck was not what killed Floyd, pathology wise Coroner’s report, how do you attribute cause of death? How do you delineate fault? That’s a legal question i have not heard being asked in the news coverage here of late,

    though every reporter on TV seems to know MLK jr’s quote about riots being a language of the unheard.

  2. I think today, I’m gonna bring my broom and big heavy duty plastic bags (and gloves) and see if they’ll let me in either DTLA or Fairfax, to help clean up. I hope I see you guys there!

  3. I’m groovin’ on the cubes. Copied the info to my college era (70s) friend Rhonda in Minneapolis, who has consequently taken up the study of Sanskrit. How far does your influence extend, Sri Homegrown?

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