Saturday Linkages: Cat Hugs

A Quick Primer On Poultry Vaccines

You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus

Fresh Hell from the Baffler

Here’s the File Clearview AI Has Been Keeping on Me, and Probably on You Too

Our intersections are too dangerous. Here’s how to fix them

Cyclist gets hit by car, then sued for $700 [editors note: this happened to me except it was $900]

Listen: The Sound Of The Hagia Sophia, More Than 500 Years Ago

The pungent legacy of Axe Body Spray

Solar Class

Join me at the Bernie rally tomorrow!

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  1. Axe Body Spray…One of my most pungent memories of my many years as a middle school teacher…that and the time that one of my 8th grade students bought some stink bombs at a passing carnival and set one off in my classroom.

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