Saturday Linkages: Move On Up

The news has been bleak. In times like these I always recommend a listen to Curtis Mayfield’s song Move On Up. Turn up the volume and listen to those lyrics.

Huntress a short film about the world of female bike couriers

Exclusive: carmakers among key opponents of climate action

‘Collapse OS’ Is an Open Source Operating System for the Post-Apocalypse

Climate Beer: “Take turns expressing how your knowledge and experience of climate breakdown makes you feel.”

Climate scientists reveal their fears for the future

In its insatiable pursuit of power, Silicon Valley is fuelling the climate crisis

Hey Mayor Garcetti, where’s my bus lane?

Right Here Right Now

Making messy look good

The Mindfulness Racket: The evangelists of unplugging might just have another agenda

Arthur Boon’s ‘Make Do’ Chairs

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  1. These guys are funkified! I remember this song – God, I miss the ’70’s so much. But this made my day.

  2. Yes, the news is bleak, but you guys can always be counted on to provide a thoughtful summary and sane response. I’m so glad the Saturday linkages are back! Thank you.

  3. Is this too bleak? I have been listening to Paul Simon’s American Tune lately. Memories of the 70s that apply today.

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