Saturday Tweets: Marie Kondo, Vanilla Hummus and Composting People

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  1. I honestly have zero sympathy for the so-called “thrift” stores, what with they way they’ve increased their prices beyond any kind of reasonable level. Around here, thrift stores frequently charge as much or more for tatty used goods as other stores sell them for new. One of my favorite examples was a used bathmat at Goodwill for $10, when the exact same bathmat new at TJMaxx was also $10. Another was an IKEA chair at St Vincent’s, in a very used condition, for which they were asking more than it was new. When I pointed that out to the manager, she said something about how they were buying cargo containers of furniture from the UK (!) to keep them out of landfills and how I shouldn’t mind paying extra to be environmentally friendly. (!!!) And this on top of scandals about how ridiculously well the CEOs and management pay themselves, while paying disabled workers less than minimum wage.

    Thrift stores have a pretty vital role in helping low-income folks furnish their homes, dress their kids, even to get ahead, and also a vital role in reducing the amount of crap that goes into landfills as well as reducing consumption of new goods. Many of them have largely abandoned that role in the name of greed and corporate profit.

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