Saturday Tweets: Rocket Emissions, Tarkovsky and Borges Quoting Furby

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  1. The article about energy security was especially interesting. The whole “macro grid” thing is one of the more baffling aspects of the modern world, when they are so easily disrupted and vulnerable. We’re planning our future home to be “grid transitional”, where we’ll probably have access to the grid for electricity at least (planning to be rural, probably with our own well), but to also have some solar power and to be set up in such a way that we won’t be completely cold, dark and miserable if the grid goes down.

    The PNW has got a big earthquake somewhere on the horizon, and unlike SoCal, we’re not ready for it. It’s actually terrifying to me that our current home is so absolutely dependent on the grid: not particularly well-insulated, no fireplace or wood stove, windows not well-placed, etc.

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