A Lemon Arbor

Consider this post one of those inspirational ideas we’ll never get around to but perhaps an ambitious Root Simple reader will tackle: a lemon arbor. You can find this particular lemon arbor at Lotusland in Montecito, California.

We used to have a grape arbor that became a “stacking function fail” due to Los Angeles’ disruptive rat population. I suspect the rats would be less interested in the lemons but don’t hold me to that speculation. Our grape arbor came down to make way for a new patio and backyard designed by Haynes Landscape Design (I’ll post an update when the work is complete).

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  1. Oh, I love that lemon arbour. I made a lemon hedge at my last house which was wonderful. I used three different types of lemons, so had lemons all year round, with bushes planted 1.5m apart. It was wonderful, and I’m about to repeat the experience at my new place.

  2. That would be a beautiful dream where I live in AL. We get cold weather for just long enough to kill that. I read that a 6″ pvc pipe would be too big for a squirrel to climb, so I wonder if a rat could climb it. The idea was to slip it over the pole for a bird feeder.

  3. I am starting to learn how to love that other people are doing these things but that I do not need to replicate them. I’m trying to get onboard with a “few projects done well” ethos.

  4. Here in sunny Melbourne Australia I came out one morning to discover white baubles on my neighbour’s lemon tree. Either rats or possums had eaten every bit of yellow peel off every piece of fruit. The lemon tree looked quite strange.
    Claire in Melbourne

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