An Improvised Roof Rack for Lumber and Sheet Goods

Lately I’ve had to transport 4 x 8 sheet goods on top of our undersized chariot. Thanks to YouTuber Dan Pattison, I now have a handy method.

It’s as simple as attaching 2 x 4s to an existing roof rack. Following the instructions in Pattison’s video, I notched the 2 x 4s and attached them with metal plates and bolts to make the rack sturdy and easy to remove. A pair of brackets keep the sheets from sliding forward during transit. And I use this handy online calculator to make sure I don’t exceed the weight capacity of my rack.

Pattison’s rack is not just for sheet goods. In fact, I use it for transporting lumber much more often than plywood. Put those 2 x 6s on the roof, strap them to one of the 2 x 4 cross pieces and you’re ready to roll.

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  1. Shared this with my husband. We have several projects planned that require hauling sheets and boards from the local DIY store and the discussion has been ‘who do we know that would loan us a truck?’. This may be the solution. Also, I’m sure hubby will spend an evening checking out the rest of Dan Pattison’s videos. Thanks for sharing, and I can’t wait for an update on your projects.

    • I’ve vague memories of the Beverly Hillbillies where Granny sits in a rocking chair on the roof of something. Maybe a truck? However, the Beverly Hillbillies is in very bad taste these days because it makes fun of an oppressed minority, albeit a white one, and “H*llb*lly” is probably the naughty “H” word now.

  2. People jumped to defend the oppressed blacks and ruined the careers of Amos and Andy. I approve of pc, but the Beverley Hillbillies was an okay show. Sanford and Son managed to make fun of poor black people and stayed on the air.

    I never thought Granny was forced or relegated to the roof. She was in charge, at least in her mind.

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