Saturday Tweets: Touch Your Opuntia

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  1. About 15 years ago, I scattered some seeds from my parents’ loquat trees in front of my house in South Texas. I now have several tall loquat trees. They bloom in January/February, and are covered with bees at that time. If we don’t have a hard freeze after they bloom, I am overwhelmed with loquats. In other years, like this year, I only get a dozen or so loquats. When I have just a few, I make cobblers, etc. When I have lots, I remove the seeds (not fun), steam them (no peeling, etc.) and run them through my applesauce attachment on my mixer, cook up the resulting puree with some sugar and pectin, and make jam.
    I have transplanted volunteer loquats in other areas of my yard.
    Thanks for the info on loquats!

    • Loquats really should be the official fruit tree of Los Angeles judging from their ubiquity. In my experience some are delicious and some are terrible. Hard to say if this is because of watering/lack of watering or variety.

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