Linoleum Blownapart

A programming note: posting will be light this week due to some much delayed home repairs. A crew will descend on Wednesday to replace our worn out kitchen floor.

I installed the kitchen floor myself over fifteen years ago. It should have lasted longer but we did not apply the correct sealant and it’s looking worn, stained and tired. This time around we’re hiring out the job. For those keeping score we’re using the same material: Forbo tile. While all the appliances are out of the kitchen Kelly and I are going to take the opportunity to repair and repaint the walls.

I’ve found that not having a working kitchen gets tiresome quickly. You realize that the kitchen is the center of the household when you have to eat out all the time and/or do dishes in the bathroom sink. So it’s time to step away from the computer and get to work!

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  1. We have a black floor made of marmoleum tiles; we could drop the dog and never find her! It’s also starting to wear, so I’ll read any updates with anticipation! I hope install (and painting) goes smoothly!

  2. You’re not kidding about how annoying it is not to have a kitchen you can access and work in. Good luck and I hope the job is done quickly!

    We had the golden opportunity to have the floors redone before we actually moved into our home so I opted for real hardwood everywhere except the kitchen and chose porcelain tile for the kitchen. It’s been a couple of years and I don’t regret the decision at all. The tile has been wonderful and I expect it to outlast me.

  3. I read the title of your post twice before I got the joke:)
    A long-suffering friend and I replaced the flooring in my 1920s/1930s pier and beam house about 8 years ago. Our motto is “We are not professionals.” Our only misstep was putting the DSL modem up on a shelf on the wall, and then accidentally pulling on the cord, so that the modem came down on my head. After a trip to the urgent care clinic and a stitch in my scalp, I was fine.
    Good idea to hire someone to do your floors!

  4. OH MY…I feel your pain! It is hard not to have a kitchen.
    I need carpeting or ? throughout my house. When I moved in I thought I was lucky because it had new carpet. But I soon found out that there was never any padding placed under it! It looks awful now and needs to come up and be replaced. But, honestly, who lays carpet without padding?! The thought of moving all the furniture gives me sleepless nights!
    Good luck! I am sure you are going to feel really happy when it is all done. I hope you will post pictures.

  5. Can you guys cover windows next?

    I live in the suburbs new track home development, and I can tell the windows are just sub-par, vinyl. I lived in the east coast, in an old apartment building before coming here, but I remember our windows were made of solid stuff, wood & glass, casement windows.

    I guess in California windows aren’t as important? Opinions? For those of you buying new track homes, pay close attention to vinyl windows, maybe up-grade before move in, or negotiate for better windows.

    • I will be doing a window post soon when I repair the windows in our living room. And, yes, we’re pretty sloppy about windows here in California due to the climate.

  6. Just looking at the picture of the ideal kitchen of 1920 or so that heads your post and I notice that the icebox is placed outside. I’ve seen a turn-of-the-20th century kitchen floor plan in one book or other about the evolution of American homes and there, too, the icebox was placed in an vestibule right off the kitchen. I can only imagine that this was done in order to make ice last longer by keeping it away from heat sources? Or perhaps to prevent water damage to the kitchen floor by the melting ice? Does anyone know for sure the reason for this?

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