Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint II

One of the more successful projects around the Root Simple compound was making our own chalkboard paint and using it to label all of the cabinets in our garage workshop. In the past month, inspired by a visit from über-maker Federico Tobon, I’ve taken up the task of pimping out the workshop with a proper workbench and table saw. I’ll blog about Workshop 2.0 when I’m finished with the renovation, but the chalkboard paint hack is worth a repeat mention.

Thanks to the chalkboard paint, when I want to find a tool I can just glance up at the cabinets and know immediately where it is. The recipe I used is:

1 cup latex paint
1 tablespoon cool water
2 tablespoons unsanded grout

Making your own chalkboard paint is a lot cheaper than buying the pre-made stuff. Plus you can use any color of latex paint. The paint has stood up to repeated erasing and re-chalking.

Eric of Garden Fork just did a video where he made a chalkboard/pallet wood frame. In the video he uses an adhesive chalkboard film.

Our workshop/garage is right on the sidewalk and on Halloween it doubles as a candy and (for the adults) cocktail dispensing venue. Should you find yourself in #HaFoSaFo, drop on by. Rumor has it that the adults will be served a Penicilina “enhanced” with MDF dust.

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