I Organized My Drill Bits and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next


For nearly twenty years I allowed my drill bits to rattle about in a drawer, disorganized and dullifying. When I needed one I’d root through the drawer wasting time better spent actually using the bit. Sometimes, if I couldn’t find a bit, I’d buy another one at the hardware store only to find out that I already had that particular size. Last week, as part of the sort of sweeping workshop reorganization that comes with middle age, I vowed to put an end to the madness that was my drill bit drawer.


There is not one true path to drill bit storage but rather many paths leading up the organized workshop holy mountain. I am, however, partial to the 2 x 4 with a corresponding size gauge. To make one you simply drill holes for the bits (I found I had to use the next bit size up to make the holes big enough). Then, in she side of the 2 x 4, you drill a hole to use when figuring out which bit to use for a job.


While I was at it I also organized my paltry collection of router bits as well as my overabundant collection of screw bits. I attached my now organized bit collection to my wall of tools. Now, when I need a bit, it takes mere seconds to find one, thus freeing up more time to concoct click bait headlines.

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  1. I will SO show this to the men in this house. And SO hope they get the workshop under control again before *I* have to do it *again*! (I don’t go quite this far, and I wish someone would!)

  2. Click bait headlines indeed! So what DID happen next? What was your first project using your newly organized drill bits?

  3. Yes, I noticed the click bait headline. I don’t have that many drill bits, but I do keep them together in the little plastic container they came in. Finally, the plastic hinge broke, so I used a rubber band to hold them together after I found them all. I would bet al I have that the rubber band is now rotted and the bits are free ranging again. The main thing I use drill bits for is to make pilot holes so I can manage to hammer the into whatever.

  4. I am glad you gave me the 20 year time window for organization — I have about 5 years to go before I get started.

    Thanks as always for the inspiration.

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