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    • Oh dear. We’ll look into that. In the meanwhile, you can pull it up yourself by going to Google Books and finding:

      Encontrando a Frida Kahlo
      By Barbara Levine

      then search the book for “nopal cactus”

  1. Speaking of Mexico- my name is Andrew and I am a longtime Root Simple reader. Back to the Homegrown Evolution days! Saw you guys speak in a bookstore in Marin almost two years ago. Keep it coming. I go to Whitman College in Washington State and we’re trying to organize an educational trip to the US-Mexican border and are looking for financial help. We’ll be talking with immigration official, deported immigrants, and even doing a homestay with Mexican factory worker families! I’m very excited and we just need some financial help to make it all happen. Thanks all for your consideration, even the smallest donation will go a long way! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/whitman-college-u-s-mexico-border-trip?show_todos=true

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