100 Eric Rochow of Garden Fork on Maple Syrup, Welding and Cast Iron

Listen to “100 Eric Rochow on Maple Tapping, Welding and Cast Iron” on Spreaker.
On this, the 100th episode of the Root Simple podcast we talk with Garden Fork impresario Eric Rochow about his adventures in maple syrup making, learning how to weld and the controversial topic of maintaining cast iron. During the show we touch on a lot of things including:

Also, Eric wants to know how many Root Simple readers/listeners follow Garden Fork. Send him an email at [email protected] You can also find Eric on the Garden Fork podcast, the Garden Fork Youtube channel, Garden Fork for in Facebook and at GardenFork.tv.

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  1. Enjoyed the podcast with Kelly, Erik and Eric. Neat stuff about welding. I also learned about Garden Fork from Root Simple a while back,and I made sure to email Eric to let him know that I follow you both(since he asked).

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