Saturday Tweets: Mid-Century Cookies, Harbor Freight Chainsaws and Epistemology!

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  1. That school video is something else. We live 600m from our daycare, we make our kids walk both ways. Even the 3yo. #nastyeuropeans

  2. I noticed that the author of the piece about parents dropping off their children at school has a “background in planning and newspaper reporting.” I wonder if that qualifies her to write about the topic of parents dropping their children off at school. Does this writer also have a background in the complicated schedules that working parents of young children must keep? Did she research the difficult scheduling issues that working parents face?

    She stated that parents think the buses come too early. Indeed. Some young children face long bus rides, often in the dark. Some parents also avoid the school buses for other reasons, such as bullying.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now. I am a retired teacher with many years of experience. I taught in a school located in a similar area.

  3. I love the website that did the chainsaw reverse engineering. I mostly have no idea what he was talking about, but no matter. It was easy to follow and very engaging.

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