The Ultimate Flipper Fence?

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Talk about neighborly! The horizontal (a.k.a. “flipper) fencing on this 1905 bungalow has not only metastasized down the driveway, but has blocked off the view from what remains of the front porch. After all, who wants to sit out on the porch and chat with the neighbors on a warm summer night? Heck, there’s no need to even see them as you scurry around your high-security compound.

Examine the picture carefully and you’ll see the mandatory san-serif address numbers and the sort of biometric entrance gizmo they have in all those action movies to keep the zombies out. For that $890,000 you also get some Dr. Seuss plants. The real estate listing says, “Completely remodeled and designed with Silver Lake living in mind”.  Silver Lake living don’t mean what it used to.

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  1. Wow, laughed out loud at this one. They really went overboard. The worst part is most owners don’t maintain these and they start to warp and fade, looking like 20 year old fences after 2 years.

  2. I should add that this bunker is only 2 blocks from our house. I remember when it was a bungalow! The neighborhood is really going the way of the flipper and the unscrupulous renovator and the predatory realtor.

  3. Non-neighborly-ness and zombies aside, it totally doesn’t go with the house. Horizontal fences work with more modern lines… Here it just looks like a bungalow got eaten by a sawmill…

  4. It’s interesting to look at this property on Google Street View. The image was captured in April 2014, which was before the installation of the current fortifications. It appears to be a pleasant little stucco bungalow with a large, flowering tree in front. The present owners seem to have removed this to prevent zombies from using it to access the roof. Very wise – there are too many trees in LA anyway!

    This makes me wonder. If the house was built in 1905, it was probably a California Craftsman-style bungalow originally. Sometime – I’m guessing in the 1950’s or 1960’s – it had the usual chainsaw + stucco makeover to “modernize” it. The installation of the ugly fortifications is only the latest indignity that this poor little house has suffered.

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