Picture Sundays: Poms in the Rain


The one thing we have in abundance is pomegranates. We had a freak rainstorm last week which can cause the fruit to split, so we’re eating a lot of pomegranates! The variety is Wonderful, if you’re keeping score.

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  1. My pomegranates got hit pretty hard last year (1st time ever) by leaf legged bugs. Anyone else have this problem? If so, how are you dealing with it?

    • I like to eat them plain. In the Middle East they are sometimes eaten with salt and pepper. They are also great in salads and savory dishes. In Iran they are cooked down, combined with other spices and made into amazing sauces. I’ve never tried this but you can also boil them down into a pomegranate molasses.

  2. They make great jelly.
    There are way better fresh eating varieties then Wonderful, which tend to be slightly bitter. “Eversweet” plants I bought years ago in Carpenteria are the best I’ve ever grown and they don’t stain. The fruit is pink to white and way sweeter then Wonderful.

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