Citrus limetta, a.k.a. Sweet Lemon, a.k.a. Sweet Lime

sweet lime
A few years ago, Kelly discovered an unusual citrus, by mistake, at our local Armenian market, Super King. I say by mistake because what she thought was a lemon turned out to be Citrus limetta, labeled as “sweet lime”. Unlike a lemon, it’s sweet with lime flavor notes and a hard to describe exotic backspin.

Adding to the confusion, sweet limes are also known as sweet lemons and a host of other popular names in the Middle East and India where they are popular. Though somewhat watery, I like to eat them fresh, but they are most commonly used for juice. I should note that Kelly is not fond of the flavor.

This citrus is also not anything like a Meyer lemon which, while sweeter than a normal lemon, still tastes like a lemon.

From what little information I could find on sweet limes, there are several different varieties. You’re most likely to find this fruit in places with a large Iranian population. Should you find yourself in such a market, see if you can also score a medlar.

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  1. They sell these in our local Mexican market and I was told they were used for making a lemonade drink. Like Kelly, I do not care for them. They are too watery and flavorless for me. But maybe good to take camping? I would be interested in knowing the Vit. C content.

  2. Our neighbor has one planted and I personally just don’t get it. They have almost no flavor whatsoever, and the tree has the most gnarly, deadly, vicious, murderous thorns you’ve ever seen. Prune that baby at your own risk – it’s a man-eater. I’ll stick to limes and lemons . . . much more civilized plants with good party manners.

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