043 Growing Vegetables with Yvonne Savio


Yvonne Savio is the Master Gardener Coordinator for UC Cooperative Extension in Los Angeles County. In this episode of the podcast we pick her brain about:

  • Why you should grow your own food.
  • Favorite vegetables.
  • How to harvest vegetables.
  • How to prepare a vegetable garden.
  • Making compost.
  • The problems with municipal compost.
  • Raised beds vs. growing in the ground.
  • Where to buy soil.
  • Testing soil.
  • How to irrigate vegetables in a drought.
  • Buried buckets for watering vegetables.
  • Seeds vs. seedlings.
  • Succession planting.
  • How to plant seedlings.
  • The website and calendar that Yvonne is putting together.
  • Grow LA Victory Garden Program

You can reach Yvonne at [email protected].

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  1. Regarding the weed barrier (“landscaping”) cloth question raised in this podcast: I found an online article that says, “It goes fuzzy side down. Yep. Fuzzy side goes against the soil so that it can kind of adhere to the soil surface.” The article goes on to say that, “the weave on the fabric is designed to allow water to flow downward through the fabric. It still lets water through if you put it fuzzy side up, but not quite as effectively.”

    I claim no authority for the website, but just wanted to mention it since Yvonne brought the issue to light. The article link is northcoastgardening.com/2010/10/how-to-use-landscape-fabric

  2. Great episode! I’m going to try burying pots in my garden (although I’m going to use 1 gallon milk jugs instead). Have you ever considered using ollas in the garden? I’m testing a few small ones in some containers this year.

    • Hey Nick, We’ve got an olla that we used a bit last year and will use again this year. Too early to say if it works for us.

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