Saturday Tweets: Methane, Almonds and Werner Herzog’s Life Advice

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  1. I eat almonds and almond butter, live in California, have been aware of the buzz around almonds and drought, and have paid higher prices for that source of protein lately without cutting back my consumption. This article raises some good points (almonds as a global commodity, unregulated pumping of groundwater), but I’m wondering if there is a better analysis out there. Comparing almonds to wine grapes (a luxury not a food source) and lettuce (not a nutrient-dense food) is interesting, but what about comparing to other protein sources or other nutrient-dense foods. Nutrient for nutrient, what is the water use of our calories?

  2. The Almond Board is effective. However, almonds are by far NOT the only nutritious nut or most nutritious. I think there is a pecan board, but obviously not as successful. Since I don’t eat almonds except for a handful each year, I am not to blame for their popularity.

    Pecans are local. I can go and pick pecans for free most of the time. They are very nutritious and my favorite nut. They are not in danger of drought in the South, at least not so far. At $9.50/lb for shelled nuts, they are still a good bargain if one figures in nutrition. Free is best, of course.

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