Saturday Linkages: Independence Day Weekend Edition


Fireless cooker via Low Tech Magazine.

We insulate our houses, why not our cooking pots? …

GIF Gardens: How to (Easily) Animate Your Plant Photos

Never Buy A Rotten Avocado Again …

Why Do We Refrigerate Eggs in the United States? …

Ash Forests After Emerald Ash Borers Destroy Them

German police apologize for fining one-armed cyclist for riding his bike with only one arm …

Bike commuter super transformer bag: …

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  1. Ours was the first community in Canada to suffer from the Emerald Ash Borer.Canada Food Inspection Agency sent speakers out to all the garden clubs in the province. They tried so hard to stop it from spreading.This area was quarantined, no wood products to be moved out. Of course that didn’t work
    Now our local park has no trees left, there were dead or dying Ash trees on all the streets. I lost my beautiful backyard shade tree last year.
    There were so many Ash trees here because they are a native tree…as are all the trees on my yard and in our parks.
    I guess the lesson is diversify because you never know where the next bug is coming from

  2. Gloves? I went to a church dinner on Wednesday night. At our Wednesday night church dinner, he church lady with the drink cart asked me what I wanted to drink. She picked up my unsweetened tea by placing her thumb into the plastic glass, even getting her polished fingernail in the tea. I asked her to give me one into which she had not dipped her finger. Polished nails and especially tip/fake nail are nasty. I like gloves on people handling my food and putting fingers into my drinks.

    Actually, I saw a server slick back his hair and hitch up his pants and pick up a two liter Coke from the floor wearing gloves, THEN plate food with that same gloved hand.

  3. I live in Clermont County in southwestern Ohio, and the Emerald Ash Borer has done terrible damage here. Everywhere I have been in Ohio for the last few years, about a third of the trees are dead. My 3 closest neighbors and I lost 13 trees in our yards, and losses in our neighborhood must be in the hundreds. The nearby Cincinnati Nature Center lost more than 6000 mature ash trees.

    Clermont County also happens to be host to the Asian Longhorn Beetle, which has so far been contained to a small area, but led to the “culling” of over 10,000 uninfected trees in a state park to create a break in the network of vulnerable host trees.

    I work in Kentucky, and for the first time this spring I saw the patches of dead ash trees on the hillsides there. It’s heartbreaking.

  4. I just learned about using my solar cooker as a hot box. I’m in heaven! When I’m in a hurry- What? 5:30 already?- I can start food (say a pot of rice) on the stove to get it hot quickly, then transfer it to the solar cooker to finish while I do the rest. No boiling over or burning, less heating up the house, less propane use (saving money), and more use out of my solar oven, making me feel less guilty for springing for a good one. Win!!!

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