Thursday Linkages: Mason Bees, Hawks and Robot Cars


Image: BoingBoing

For some reason I neglected to publish last Saturday’s gaggle o’ links. Here is a belated version:

Build Your Own Mason Bee House …

Swiss Restaurant Imposes Fine on Customers Wasting Food … via @ibtimesindia1 #foodcrisis

Hawks and Rats in NYC, on camera: …

Boxwoods? Bah! by James Roush

Bikesnob on robot cars: …

Urban Beekeeping in San Francisco: 

Silent Watcher …

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  1. I like the idea of urban beekeeping. I say that with equally full appreciation for mason bee husbandry as well as the practice of providing inviting homes for bumble bees in a less than hospitable place for said round and furry benefactors. I’ve harvested my share of wild raspberries, mulberries, and apricots which I assume are the products of our lovely pollinators. Living near a park with a few acres of unkempt forest, I’ve been tempted to do a bit of guerrilla forest gardening by raising onions and sweet potatoes. Perhaps there’s also an indispensable place for guerrilla beekeeping in our 21st century bohemian homemaking paradigm?

  2. Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to my Saturday morning coffee with duck eggs and Saturday Linkages. 🙂

  3. None of the mason bee homes that I can find for sale have the hardware cloth to protect the tubes. How important is this feature? I’d like to buy one already made.

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