Saturday Linkages: Sad Cookbooks, Pancakes and Tiny Homes


The saddest cookbook ever written: …

Another take on sourdough pancakes …

Simply Yoav –His Yurt and Life 

How to pull out a car from a frozen lake… Russian style 

Old World Woodworking Tools 

Tiny Apartments in Cities: Trending Concept 

Teacher Builds Tiny House in the Forest 

Food Chain Restoration: Reconnecting Pollinators with Their Plants 

Cool hut? 

The Electricity-Generating Bicycle Desk That Would Power the World – James Hamblin – The Atlantic …

Here’s How Ridiculous This Year’s CES Will Look in 2034 …

Nasty cake ‘joke’ leaves bad taste – National – NZ Herald News 

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  1. Why is that sad? When hubby goes away for a week on business, I rock that microwave for one. For a whole blissful five days I don’t have to plan meals and can just nuke some leftover chili or whatever. Besides, lots of single people are perfectly happy in life and happy to eat alone. In fact, on the often cited, self-reported happiness scale, the happiest people are single women, followed in descending order by married men, then married women, and last, single men. However, now that single men can also rock the nuker, perhaps they are less unhappy than when the survey was first conducted.

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