Saturday Linkages: From Bananas to Laird’s Laws


Breaking news from Mrs. Homegrown’s alma mater–banana plant busts through glass roof at Smith College conservatory …

Goleta considers groovy permaculture ordinance: …

Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket supplier’s plastic 

Solicitor George Cooper’s diaries give insight into Victorian life with his watercolour paintings 

Recreation of ancient beer suggests it was really, really gross …

Laird’s Laws 

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  1. The Goleta ordinance is interesting. Language is important, though, and the choice of “Goleta Considers Groovy Green Ordinance” as the title marginalizes the article’s content, while also subtly reinforcing an us/them viewpoint for many readers, particularly those who may not know cob from corn.

    The creator of the proposed ordinance says “As a culture, we need to learn to become indigenous again.” Since most of us were never indigenous in the first place, it might be more appropriate to say “we need to learn from the indigenous cultures that were here before us.”

  2. Goleta also happens to be home to one of my favorite organic farms, Fairview Farms, that the public can tour for free. It’s original founder, Michael Ableman, has also authored a couple of my favorite books.

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