Roots Simple’s Last Minute Gift Guide


A KCET blogger asked a couple of Master Food Preservers, including myself, what we thought would be good gifts for homesteady types. We all came up with, pretty much, the same items. Here’s the ones I suggested:

Saving the Season by Kevin West. We reviewed this book a few months ago but I’ll say it again: this is my favorite book on food preservation.

417AOIGAt9LExcalibur dehydrator with stainless steel trays. Expensive, but this thing works a lot better than those cheap round dehydrators. Truly the Cadillac of deyhdrators.

il_570xN.503980826_66051.5 liter lactofermentation kit. Yes, you can make one yourself, but this is a nice all-glass model. Plus, when you buy this you are supporting Ernest Miller who has given countless volunteer hours to build LA’s Master Food Preserver program.

What did you give to the homesteaders in your life? Or did you forgo gifts altogether?

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  1. I don’t have any homesteaders in my life. I gave little grandchildren books, g-son (8) got children’s almanac and g-daughter (6) got a bird book. Since my son and his wife are English teachers, it won’t be a problem that the books are just a bit over their heads. Gloves, wool socks, and slouchy beanie and headlamps went to the two older grandchildren (18 and 12)in NY.

    When I went to their website, Pinecone Research had your book, Making It, as their very first selection in rewards. I was very much surprised. Did you know it was there?

  2. Hello, you mentioned that you could make your own Lactofermentation jars, do you have a link or directions? We use these all the time and would like a less expensive option.

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