Saturday Linkages: Incas, Big Rocks and Cool Cucumbers


Engineering professor Michael Peshkin and his clear whiteboard.

Growin’ things
Wildflower project takes root in Echo Park 

Lost Crops of the Incas 

Reading: Urban Oasis on a Balcony: From Concrete Furnace to Edible Habitat… 

Look at My Big Rock by Evelyn Hadden 

The coolest cucumber you’ve never met: …

Food issues
Americans – why do you keep refrigerating your eggs? …

35 sickened; how did E. coli O121 get into Farm Rich Brand Frozen pizza? Flour …

Cool Designs
Building a Crystal Clear Whiteboard 

Lock Pick Earrings by GiantEye 

Micro-community of tiny homes flourishes on rehabilitated vacant lot 

Simple And Delightful Tiny Homes On The Back Of Small Pick-Up Trucks…

Odd ideas
Betrayers’ Banquet: gourmet dining vs the Prisoner’s Dilemma – Boing Boing …

Complete meal cooking with a hotel coffee-maker: …

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