Monday Linkages: The Blob, Urine Soaked Acorns


Oops. Forgot to post our usual Saturday link dump. Here it is:

Blob – An Unusual Micro-Home Encased in Storage

The Labyrinth Project, the beginning …

Homesteading weirdness
1859: A native delicacy – acorns pickled in human urine 

How Japanese honeybees switch to ‘hot defensive bee ball’ mode when threatened …

The “Queen of Green”? You be the Judge by Susan Harris …

Threat of Death Makes People Go Shopping …

Listen to the warm
Insurance industry pricing climate risk as a dead certainty – Boing Boing …

Burning the Bones of the Earth: Lime Kilns …

9 charts that explain why the farmers behind just about everything we eat can’t hit pay dirt: 

Rowing a boat across the Atlantic: …

Sailboats Made of Corrugated Metal in Australia …

New issue of Urban Velo: …

What To Do After an Accident When the Police Fail to Respond? …

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  1. Retail therapy

    The studies were skewed from the start. Only people who were in the community center were included in the first study. Maybe there were people at home who did not feel it necessary to leave, were unable to leave, or were fearful. The second study was online. That study only included those with access and knowledge of computers.

    Informants should not be chosen from one location only. This is like using surveys from Cosmo to determine the sexual habits of a nation. You get the picture.

    However, the results may be entirely true even if the sampling were better. I have read studies that say making purchases actually does give people a high.

    I have never faced death, but maybe I would go shopping.

    Is your human verifier broken? I had to try three times to get it to accept the correct answer. I could inadvertently get simple math wrong, but not all three times when I did not change the answer.

  2. Groan. This sent me down a long and largely fruitless internet wormhole looking for corrugated steel boats.

    If anybody has links to actual plans for how to build them (I am looking at you, Australia) please post links.

    • lol. I’m actually secretly pleased when I can’t find internet info on some skill/craft/thingee because that tells me it’s extra worth doing. Or completely useless. Both are great! 😉

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