Saturday Linkages: Insect Hotels, Edwardian Hipsters and Biomorphic Light Fixtures


DIY insect hotel spotted on the ever amazing Lloyd’s Blog.

Insect Hotels …

Good Yard or Bad Yard? Garden Design Pitfalls | Garden Rant …

Q & A – Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land

Edwardian stunt bikers – in pictures 

Interactive Light Sculpture Moves Just Like a Living Creature | Designs & Ideas on Dornob …

Plans for Lightweight Dinghies …

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  1. Good yard bad yard:
    My scuppernong arbor was going great when I moved here and then for a few years. In the meantime, the neighbor behind died, it became rental property and no one cared about the huge portion of yard beyond the fence. All the volunteers grew until now, not only do I have great shade that I appreciate on summer afternoons, but the arbor is in full shade all day. I would have clipped those volunteers with loppers if I had known the consequences to the scuppernong.

    People say my yard looks like a park. It’s not so great, just tasteful I have thought.(now neglected and overgrown) The one thing that drives me nuts is to see flowers in two colors or more planted, spaced a few feet apart with alternating colors. Then, the same with the very straight row behind it containing taller alternating color flowers. nutso! I hate the rigidly alternating flower colors. Yes, it is an irrational pet peeve about other people’s taste, use of their money, and offensive eyesores.

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