Saturday Linkages: Artisinal DIY

Looks like the use of the word "artisinal" has peaked.

Looks like the use of the word “artisinal” peaked–back in the 1990s!

Artisinal Everything
Artisanal Won’t Die – Jen Doll – The Atlantic Wire …

Make a Teardrop Camper Trailer: …

Backyard Bioshelter …

Shed of the Year 2013 entrants via

Revolutionary Finnish Wood-splitting Axe …

The best LED grow lights:

Just Add Water: Concrete Buildings Built With Air + H2O | Designs & Ideas on Dornob …

We close with a quote:
“Inconvenient truths tend to create more anxious neurotics than they do enlightened stakeholders.” -Douglas Rushkoff in his new book Present Shock

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