How to Keep Squirrels and Birds From Eating Your Fruit

Photo by Noel Ramos.

Got a tip from Noel Ramos a.k.a. Florida Green Man on how to deal with those pesky squirrels and birds in your fruit orchard. Noel says:

I use those clear plastic fruit containers that are used for packing strawberries and grapes. I personally don’t buy fruit in these containers but I asked some neighbors and friends to save them for me and in a short time amassed a large collection. They snap shut over most fruit like these mangos and this helps to control fruit damage. Since they have vent holes, they don’t collect water inside. They can be washed and stored and are durable enough to last several seasons. After they serve their duty, they can be put in the recycling bin.

Noel is the person who sent the picture of all the winter fruit he grows in Florida that we put on the blog on Sunday. Judging from that picture he’s got a handle on critters issues. Thanks Noel!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! We will definitely give this a try this year, having lost all but 4 peaches and 1 apricot to squirrels last summer. This looks way cheaper than our current desperate plan to build collapsible chicken wire houses around each tree…

  2. Interesting, but I think I’ll stick with plastic bird netting and trapping. I’d need about 200 – 300 boxes which would be impossible to accumulate and, storage would be a problem in the off season.

  3. this is awesome!
    unfortunately, I have problems with birds eating the strawberries, not mangoes… (even through netting) need some small versions of this! 😉

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  5. From Australia. We have trouble with Cockatoos eating fruit, usually cover with cotton bags to get some fruit. Birds have started eating through bags so will be interesting to see if these will stand up to such destructive birds.

  6. I am going to use metal window screen staple together to keep squirrels from eating my persimmon.

  7. You mean the squirrels don’t chew through the plastic container?? I find that hard to believe. I’ve had squirrels chew through the screens on my terrace and kitchen window!

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