Saturday Linkages: The Calm After the Storm

Got a storm damaged tree? See Trees Are Good for advice.

Build-It-Solar Blog: A Unique DIY Solar Pool Heating Collector Using PV… 

Build-It-Solar Blog: Large DIY Solar Space and Water Heating System in … 

Primitive Skills
Roland Trevino of Altadena Makes and Uses the Ancient Atlatl: 

What to do with storm damaged trees: 

Check out The vegetable garden by M.M. Vilmorin-Andrieux, of Paris on Google Play! Old book recommended by John Jeavons:  

‘Getting Jerry Browned’ and other new phrases for Californians,0,2854852.story 

New Urban Velo issue free online: 

The fox is guarding the hen house!
How the sugar industry defends itself against claims that sugar is unhealthy: 

Billboard firm wrote L.A. proposal on signs,0,1562494.story  

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  1. I live in a small, Northern BC town that used to be a fur trading post. We now have a National Historic site here run by interpreters. Everyday, they have a hunting skills program, where they teach you how to use an atlatl. It’s pretty fun and not too hard to use, but it takes practice. I’m not sure it would have been all that practical to use for hunting in our dense forest. You need room to load that thing!

  2. I am Governor Jerry Brown
    My aura smiles and never frowns
    Soon I will be president…

    I will command all of you
    Your kids will meditate in school!

    California Uber Alles

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