Guilt Free Ice Pops

Orange blossom ice pops from Homestead Survival

This could be the year that the ice pop becomes the new cupcake. I’m sure some Brooklyn hipster is just about to debut an artisinal ice pop cart pulled by heirloom draft dogs.

Cynicism aside, what I like about ice pops is that, unlike other desserts, you can make them with either small amounts of sugar or no sugar at all. All you need is a ice pop mold and a freezer. What follows are a few links to recipes for healthy ice pops, perfect for those hot August days:

As to how I make them, I’ve got some old Tupperware type ice pop molds that I’ve used for years. Pure simplicity. Take note Brooklyn hipsters: the paletas may be the new fixie. Start training those draft dogs.

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  1. My dad worked as a health inspector for a number of years and he was once consulted by a couple of ladies who wanted to start a business selling ice cream pulled in a cart by llamas. They called it “Rama Llama Ding Dong.” It got hearty approval but I am not sure if they ever really got going with it. That was about 15 years ago.
    In my little Northern town in BC, there is a lady at the Farmer’s Market who sells gourmet icepops for $1. One of the flavours is strawberry/basil/balsamic vinegar.

    • Kris–in the first draft of this blog post I was going to say “Llama pulled ice pop cart.” Proof that the real world is stranger than anything you could make up.

  2. I accidentally made a huge popsicle. I put the remainder of a smoothie (banana, strawberry, oj, yogurt) in a cup in the freezer to get it a little colder. The next day, I had a huge popsicle, complete with its own stick–the spoon with which I was stirring. I hope I have my Tupperware popsicle maker so I can make some of these pretty ones.

    Since I have lost four pounds in six days, I am unearthing all the ways I used to stay skinny. Cold, no sugar treats are the way to go right now! Thanks! I needed this.

  3. I’d noticed all the ice lolly recipes around too, in fact I’d seen a link to those orange flower water ones from another site and have had to promise my children to make them.
    I was looking at a ’round up’ of recipes the other day, and my youngest was disgusted that so many were for adults and contained alcohol!

    I’ve always made my own ice lollies, and remember having them as a child, when they were frozen orange squash. The ones I make are usually just frozen juice or pureed fruit, maybe with a bit of sugar and/or yogurt. Stripes or slices of strawberry have been about as fancy as I’ve got!

  4. Lil Pop Shop in west philly sells fig/blue cheese pops, and curry pops, and lemongrass pops, and sweet corn. They have a cart, but no heirloom draft dogs, OR llamas, sadly. They have to pull it themselves.

  5. Apparently ice pops are already prevalent in a lot of cities, looking at these comments.

    Here in Durham, NC we have Locopops, with both creme based and water based pops. They’re awesome.

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