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We’re lucky to live a few doors down from LA’s coolest caterer, Jennie Cook. When I hear about an event she’s working I always try to skank an invitation. We had her caterer an event for us a few years ago and it was at that dinner that I first encountered Jennie’s legendary vegan lasagna. 


That was the best lasagnas I’ve ever eaten. I considered developing connections at the NSA that would allow me to get my hands on that recipe. Thankfully, with the release of her book Who Wants Seconds? Sociable Suppers for Vegans & Everyone in Between, I don’t have to resort to espionage. The lasagna is on page 142.

The book has a wide range of recipes for everything from simple family suppers to big dinner parties both meat dishes and vegan fare. If you’d like to try out some of Jennie’s recipes there’s some on her website for pickled cranberries, Waldorf salad, peanut butter blondies, sweet potato lasagna and white bean soup.

We’re giving away a copy of Who Wants Seconds? to a lucky Root Simple reader. To enter the contest just leave a comment on this post–just tell us if you’re an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan. We’ll select a winner by generating a random number and matching that to the comment order.

We’ll announce the winner on Friday and the winner will need to email us their address by Monday morning, or we’ll pull a second winner. So if you enter, be sure to check back over the weekend!

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  1. Vegetarian 6 days a week. Chief cook and bottle washer in a house full of omnivores, plus whichever of the neighrhood kids haven’t wandered out the door by dinnertime. They usually aren’t too picky.

  2. I’m vegetarian (and the cook, and I don’t cook with meat)
    Husband = omnivore (social carnivore, as he calls it)
    3 omnivore young adult kids
    1 vegetarian young adult kid
    plus we’re Orthodox Christian, so my cooking follows the calendar of fasts and feasts: vegan Wednesdays and Fridays each week plus vegan 6 weeks before Christmas, 7 weeks before Easter and about a month in the summer.

  3. Vegetarian since 2003 when I had an “Aha” moment about the connection between food and wealth while living in rural Peru.

  4. Love love LOVE Jennie! We get to play her annual Pie Making Party – Make It and Take It! Her lasagna really is amazing!

  5. Ummmm…….I just went on a date with a vegan so the very survival of my genetic code relies on getting this book and impressing the lady with my vegan culinary skills. Please pretend to hold a lottery and just give it to me already?

  6. I’m a long-time vegetarian, but the rest of the family is omnivore. This would be a great cookbook for us!

  7. Omnivore of sorts! I found a term recently, flexitarian, which is mainly vegetarian who eats meat only on special occasions. Hoping to work towards that!

  8. People call me a vegan, but I don’t. Honey, beeswax, wool, and leather too often make more sense than their synthetic alternatives, in my opinion. I call myself vegetarian. But, I don’t eat dairy or eggs. (Until we start keeping chickens next year that is….)

  9. Omnivore. Like Pia, my wife and I mostly eat white meat but very occasionally eat red. Perhaps we’re pinko carnys?

  10. We’re omnivores, but only eat humanely raised meat, so that means we’re eating vegetarian a lot of the time due to price and availability constraints.

  11. We are omnivores that eat vegetarian food most of the time. We love variety, and plants provide far more of that than meats do. 🙂

  12. 90% omnivore. I eat fish occasionally. Meat is home grown, hunted, grown by someone I know, or grown with the earth in mind( 5% of my omnivorism).

  13. Amazing how many answers you have received. I am a vegetarian most of the time but am staying GMO-free and near-gluten free. I have meat on occasion, a couple of times a month. Also fish.

  14. Omnivore avoiding franken-foods, pesticides, additives and modern wheat. Simple is best, but not easy.

  15. Vegan, and loving the variety of nutrient-dense whole foods I get to eat! Having made the switch from lacto-ovo vegetarian 2 yrs. ago, I’m in a constant state of learning, and trying new recipes. Next on my list to try is a veggie lasagna made in a crockpot. Now I’m curious about the recipe for lasagna in the book you’re giving away!

  16. I’m an omnivore with vegetarian tendencies. Thanks for writing such a great blog and giving us all updates on Phoebe.

  17. My sister comes up every Thanksgiving and she is vegan (once featured in Prevention Magazine!) but the rest of us are following omnivore. I usually have vegetarian guests, so they all sit at one end of the table (after all, the conversation is what matters). Her website is nice.

  18. I am an omnivore but have leanings towards vegetarianism.
    I live with three confirmed omnivores.

  19. Omnivore who avoids all gluten and dairy. Paleo would probably the closest term I guess. Despite the higher cost, I only buy meat that comes from local family farms. Thankfully, I live in NYC – home of the 4 day a week Union Square Greenmarket!!

  20. Omnivore cause I sometimes can’t resist the delicious, delicious meats, but I cook vegetarian 99% of the time, and I want to explore vegan cooking. And I love you guys and your website! You are funny AND inspiring 🙂

  21. Ardent meat lover – but yet, trying to eat the highest quality meat, and less dairy

    No wheat/gluten or corn and potatoes. For as good as all the aforementioned food is – it sure doesn’t agree with me!

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