Saturday Linkages: Spoiled Kids, Leaf Blowers, and Yet More Signs of the Artisinal Apocalypse

Customized leaf blower by artist Rubén Ortiz-Torres

Those damn leaf blowers! It’s Not About the Noise: Pollen, Mold, Feces and Lung-Lodging Particulates: 

Why Are American Kids So Spoiled? : The New Yorker 

Man builds 50 Foot Wooden Tower to reach vegetable garden: 

Another sign of the artisinal apocalypse: NYC water cafe sells fancily filtered local water 

Hacked Ikea Leaning Chair:  

Authors@Google: John Jeavons: 

Stop the War on Front Yard Vegetable Gardens – Arrêtez la Guerre contre les Potagers sur les Cours Avant  

Chicken proofing your vegetable garden: Garden Rant 

Color in the (House and) Garden | Garden Rant 

Desperately Seeking Shade: How South L.A. Bus Riders Weather the Elements  

Color Palettes Inspired by Cats from Design Seeds – 

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  1. I use some of the same for chicken proofing. Also, I use shelves from ranges to lean against the house to protect plant and flower beds where hens want to convert the beds to dust bath spas. It is tacky looking until the foilage grows through. But, it works.

    Hours were spent on all these links. Thanks.

  2. I understand the leafblower issue is not only about noise… but it’s also not only about the environment and health of residents either. In LA at least, many of the people who use leafblowers rely on the time-saving efficiency of leafblowers to make a living–they work many residences a day in order to have the job make economic sense. The leafblower is one of the machines that makes this schedule possible. If we are concerned about noise (yes, many of the complaints are about noise…) and the health effects of the blowers, then we should also be concerned about paying a fair wage to gardeners and landscapers who do hard work for low pay. Would people who employ gardeners be willing to pay for the extra time required to forgo the blower? Or are the critics of leafblowers forgetting about the people who use them?

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