Front Yard Vegetable Garden Update

One advantage of living in a slightly rough-around-the-edges Los Angeles neighborhood is that nobody gets bent out of shape about front yard vegetable gardens. Indeed, they are  a tradition in immigrant neighborhoods.

The picture above is an update of one of the front yard gardens Kelly blogged about back in May.

It looked like this when she first blogged about it. Not sure exactly what’s growing here. It looks like beans from a distance, but up close they’re not any bean variety that I’ve ever seen. There are also bitter melons and hot peppers growing on the front fence.

Looking nice, and food will be on the table soon.

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  1. Amen! Once my neighbor installed a bevy of fake plastic deer in his front yard, I knew nobody would complain about a few artichokes and lavender in my yard. Hooray for living in a “regular people” neighborhood!

  2. My raised garden beds in the front yard certainly look better than the two toilets and the old boat that comprise my neighbor’s yard decor. Living on the edge of a small, rural town has benefits similar to your neighborhood.

  3. I can’t tell from the pictures, but they could be yard long beans (I’m guessing it might be an asian household from the bittermelons). They have a very thin, glossy leaf. I tried growing some by direct seeding (as you should with beans!!) and a hoard of snails took out most of them. Had to resort to starting them in seedling pots first, though I managed to evict at least 50 snails this morning from around that bed! Time to do some pruning.. 😛

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