A 3d Printed Self Irrigating Pot Yogurt Cup Insert

A really nice low-tech/high-tech hybridization here: a 3d printed insert that turns yogurt containers into small self irrigating pot. Creator, Carlynoram, describes the project:

This project is a 3D printed insert for a yogurt cup or any container that needs a new purpose. It turns trash into a self irrigating planter for kitchen herbs or flowers. Done in OpenSCAD, I tried to make it as parameterized as possible. Also, it should be able to print without support material in most cases.

You can download the plans at: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22978.

Apparently this project was inspired by a demo we gave at the innovative Crash Space in LA. We’re proud to have prompted this project and wish Carlynoram the best of luck in refining the design.

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  1. So, its a cool idea, but what do you put in it? It seems way too small. I have planted herbs and they get cramped in containers 10 times this big. My basil is a bush in a 3 gallon SIP.

  2. I would totally use that for starting veggies, though of course they would need to get transplanted soon. Also, it looks like a giant Diva cup and that makes me giggle.

  3. @Lyssa: it does look like a Diva cup!!

    @Anon: I think it would be best for seedlings. SIPS work great w. basil, don’t they? Once we had a big beautiful basil in a 5 gallon SIP — it was my pride. But the chickens broke out of their coop and ate it down to twigs over the course of the day. Sadness. But the hens did smell fantastic as I rounded them up.

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