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Not exactly sure if this is a good idea. Maybe if it collected and diluted urine for use as fertilizer!

Combination Urinal Concept Surprisingly Blends Sink & Toilet | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

Making Shelter Simple: An Interview with Lloyd Kahn:

Horticultural myths: chalker-scott/Horticultural Myths_files/

Where Laundry is Garden Art

Video: Alphabets Heaven beat music and “Private Life of Plants”:

Carpenter builds incredible egg-shaped treehouse hidden from view on Crown land just yards from…

Wood fired ovens in Baja California:

Very cool art piece at my Alma mater UCSD: Fallen Star

If you’re in the mood for a long read, something to chew on from Orion: Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist

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  1. The egg-shaped tree house is not just a masterpiece of construction, it’s a work of art.

    Thanks for these links! I look forward to Saturdays.

  2. The urinal design reminds me that people of the male persuasion tend the dribble, drip, and have errant squirts. Then, they would want to lean towards this urinal to wash their hands? What man, although a messy man, would want his or anyone else’s errors on his pants or a loose shirt. Little boys would be horribly disadvanted when trying to reach the sink. Bad idea/design.

    The Orion piece was very long but worth the reading. I felt sorry for him because he did not recognize that every movement evolves. New information, ideas,and technology lead us to change our tactics. The worst thing would be for people not to correct their path when new information became available.

    I was hearing Wordsworth before he mentioned him. And, he lives in the Lake District, so the connection in my mind seemed for a bit to be wholly my imagination. Wordsworth sets my mind to spinning, too…in a good way.

  3. Have you tried that urine fertilizer and if so have you had any success with it? We were giving it a go, but it didn’t seem to help with the nitrogen deficiency so we resorted to fish poo which is not nearly so local. Maybe we just didn’t have the dilution right or it is slower on the up take. I don’t know. If you have the time and know-how any tips would be appreciated. Or a link to post if this is something you’ve covered that I somehow missed. Thanks!

  4. BLD–yes indeed–I’ve used urine as a nitrogen source. Seems to work, though I haven’t done a soil test before and after, which would be the way to know for sure. I just watch the color of the leaves and back off when I think I’ve used enough.

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