Saturday Linkages: Really Old Beer, Interior Design Tips From the Mafia, Trash in LA, Halloumi Kabobs and More

Williams-Sonoma’s $60 “predator proofing” kit. Yes, that’s hardware cloth and nails. Via Northwest Edible Life.

Beer From 1840s Shipwreck May Be Recreated By Scientists.

Huge, dumb booze producer Diageo orders industry association to give them the prize that had been awarded to competitor:

Italian mafia interior tastes exposed – in pictures

Behind the scenes of a city: Trash in L.A.:

Train horn attached to bicycle:

Vegetarian Recipe: Halloumi Kabobs – Good Food

A Bamboo Mat Shed With Palm Thatch Roof:

Don’t Buy These 5 Williams-Sonoma Agrarian Products

Common Appliances, Uncommon Uses

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  1. Thanks so much for the link to Alt Build Blog’s Bamboo Mat Shed…. It is an honor to be included on your site. My wife and I read your site daily and appreciate all that you do. You are a fine example in the blogoshere.

    How is your black kitty doing? I have been interested ever since you found out about the heart problem. I hope he/she is well.

  2. Hi Ches, Your blog is awesome! I look forward to all of your posts. Thanks for asking about the black kitty. I’ll do an update soon. She’s still with us, showing the first signs of heart failure. Nothing we can do about it except enjoy every day we have with her.

  3. The nails with the predator kit seem like a bit of overkill. Did someone think that 16d (penny) nails were better since larger/longer? Some wood might not actually need these nails. If a 2x2s were used, these nails would be a catastrophe! Maybe screws with a powered screwdriver might make the job easier for a rookie with a hammer. Maybe I am wrong.

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