Saturday Linkages: Off-Grid Living, Urban Velo, Meat Glue, Home Depot and Dandelions

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Amazing photos of people living off-the-grid in the United States:

This week in TSA awfulness: a recap of recent American airport atrocities:

New issue of Urban Velo:

Meat Glue (not to be confused with pink slime):

Barf Blog, a great blog about foodborne illness:

What kind of advice are Home Depot’s “Certified Nursery Consultants” giving?

On Dandelions:

These, and more linkages, are from the Root Simple twitter feed.

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  1. What I do like about Home Depot is that all their garden centers are set up like a co-op with local nursery suppliers. I actually had insider access to their home show out in elsinore a few months back and was surprised to see it set up as if it were a big co-op. But then again, you almost have to do live goods that way.

    Another thing about these big box landscape centers like Home Depot and Armstrong, is that many of my colleagues who have their degrees in landscape architecture and horticulture have jobs there now, but only because they can’t find work anywhere else… wether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you.

  2. I think this is the best collection of links you have ever posted.

    The comments on off-grid living and TSA baby incident were better than the articles. I read all the comments. I wonder what that says about me. I was shocked to find those people were paying for an off-grid experience and those where photo-shoots by a professional photographer.

    Re barfblog–this is the reason my hens never eat corn put up for feed or have not ever had any sort of commercial chicken feed. Chickens were not meant to eat corn. My opinion was confirmed in a conversation with a Phd in Poultry Science who said that the diseases in commercial chicken feed and corn were why chickens most needed antiobiotics and other medications routinely put in their feed.

  3. Thanks so much for posting. Valli’s pictures (via BoingBoing) are amazing. And even cooler, I’m pretty sure that I recently met one of the folks in the Off the Grid section out at a farm near Santa Barbara. Small world.

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